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Toby Bear and The Healing Light is a book written from the heart of a cancer survivor who knows the struggle to find strength and inner peace while going through treatments. Lisa Boulton has created a story to help children coping with illness find their own inner strength and hope, and Toby Bear is the teacher in this journey toward mindfulness. Children and adults can find great value in this little bear’s understanding of his world. It’s a book for all ages and the things we must face in this rough magic we call life. Once you read this little tale you will be enchanted by a bear who understands the meaning of love and why we are all here.

Toby Bear and the Healing Light book Cover

Mike Dooley

NY Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic.

"A wonderful story about hope, healing, and the power of a young person’s thoughts!"

Jeff Kane website ready

Physician, founder of cancer support groups for patients and families, author of Healing Healthcare: How Doctors and Patients can Heal Our Sick System.

“Toby Bear and the Healing Light is about a little girl on chemotherapy whose anxiety and disorientation are treated by a stuffed bear. If Toby were human, he’d probably focus on the girl’s cancer, but as a furry doll, all he can do is notice her suffering and comfort her. I hope Lisa writes a string of Toby Bear stories, especially to help kids who are having a tough time—kids with other illnesses, who look or act a little different, or who are bullied. Lisa Boulton’s done us a marvelous service by introducing us to Toby Bear.”

Tim Twombly

The founder of The Irvine Family Health Center and author of the popular novel, “A Bonafide Detective.”

"Written with gentleness and insight, Toby Bear and the Healing Light is a book to be treasured. More than just a story, it is a book in which a skill is taught and a secret is shared. The secret is that visualization, affirmation, and faith have a profound and positive impact on the body’s ability to heal. The story tells of a child’s journey from sickness to health and a bear’s journey from loneliness to a loving home. This book has lots to say. It speaks to us tenderly. It’s the biggest little book I’ve ever read."

Beth Milton

The Founder of Quantum Shift Energetics, a transformative healing modality.

"What a beautifully designed book, and what an important message for any child going through physical challenges. I certainly hope this book gets out into the hospitals, and into the hands of parents and grandparents that need guidance to help their children to heal. Ms. Boulton's writing is inspirational."

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